314: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Archival Spaces 314 Schächten (2022) Uploaded 3 February 2023 Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day (27 January), the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival under Hilary Helstein, in cooperation with the German and Austrian Consulates, mounted the L.A. premiere of a new Holocaust-themed film, Schächten (2022), which deals not so much with the Holocaust, but with its utterlyContinue reading “314: Holocaust Remembrance Day”

313: Irmgard Keun

Archival Spaces 313 Irmgard Keun: Child of all Nations Uploaded  20 January 2023 A couple of weeks ago, my colleague, Andréas-Benjamin Seyfert, announced on Facebook that a previously lost German film from the early 1930s, Eine von uns (1932), starring Brigitte Helm, had turned up on YouTube. The film was an adaption of the sensational,Continue reading “313: Irmgard Keun”

312: Em Gee Film Library

Archival Spaces 312 Murray Glass – Em Gee Film Library Uploaded 6 January 2023 I’ve been thinking about Murray Glass for the last couple of months because I had planned to interview him for a blog, only to realize that he had died in 2019 shortly before the pandemic started, completely forgotten, certainly without anyContinue reading “312: Em Gee Film Library”

311: Sirk-Fassbinder-Haynes

Archival Spaces 311 Douglas Sirk’s All I Desire (1953) Uploaded 23 December 2022 For the past couple of months I have been researching and planning a lecture course for UCLA, FTV 113 Film Authors, which will focus on the careers of Douglas Sirk, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and Todd Haynes. Not only have all three specializedContinue reading “311: Sirk-Fassbinder-Haynes”