301: Restoring HYPOCRITES (1915)

Archival Spaces 301 Lois Weber’s Hypocrites Restored Uploaded 5 August 2022 Several weeks ago, Phil Carli premiered his new Silent Cinema Salon (https://philipcarli.com/), presenting a new restoration of Lois Weber’s Hypocrites (1915, Lois Weber) in his Rochester living room with live piano accompaniment. Carli is, of course, very well-known in the United States and abroadContinue reading “301: Restoring HYPOCRITES (1915)”

300: Film Scholarship Without Films?

Archival Spaces 300 Tel Aviv Symposium: A Film Scholarship Without Films? Uploaded 21 July 2022 Back in the early 1980s, my colleague and friend, Ute Eskildsen, and I organized an exhibition and published a catalog on Helmar Lerski, the New Realist photographer in Weimar Germany and a pioneering filmmaker in Jewish Palestine. Out of thatContinue reading “300: Film Scholarship Without Films?”