237: Hunters. Season 1

Archival Spaces 237 Hunters. Season 1 (2020, Amazon Prime) Uploaded 28 February 2020 I have to say that I was put off by the first episode of Hunters, Amazon Prime’s new television series, because the opening in which Under-Secretary Biff Simpson (a member of Jimmy Carter’s cabinet, we later learn) murders his whole family, some neighbors, and guestsContinue reading “237: Hunters. Season 1”

236: F.T.A. Restored

Archival Spaces 236 F.T.A. (1971, Francine Parker) Restored Uploaded 22 February 2020 On Saturday February 15, 2020, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association sponsored a series of restoration screenings, including the seldom-seen anti-Viet Nam War documentary, F.T.A. (1972), screened at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre. The film was introduced by  Jane Fonda and after the show, Jane, HollyContinue reading “236: F.T.A. Restored”

235: Larry Clark’s Passing Through

Archival Spaces 235 Larry Clark’s masterpiece Passing Through Uploaded 15 February 2020 On February 13, UCLA’s Melnitz movies screened Larry Clark’s thesis film Passing Through (1977) with Larry Clark in attendance,. It was the first time I had seen Larry since we restored the film for our L.A. Rebellion film program back in 2011 and the first timeContinue reading “235: Larry Clark’s Passing Through”

234: Ivan Passer (1933-2010)

Archival Spaces 234 Uploaded 10 January 2020 Ivan Passer (1933-2020) The Czech New Wave writer and director and later émigré to Hollywood, Ivan Passer, died yesterday at the age of 86 years in Reno, Nevada. Many Czechs consider his one and only feature film in Czechoslovakia, Intimate Lighting (1965) to be the best film to come fromContinue reading “234: Ivan Passer (1933-2010)”